A Few Snippets

I love this little prayer. It speaks to me about the human condition. I reflect on the message and it somehow gives me hope, joy and peace that although we can disappoint others and ourselves, make mistakes and have regrets, we also celebrate and delight in the joy of each other. As long as we have life, we have the opportunity to mend our fences and express our love and appreciation. Thank you to my all weather friends. With love, Trudy


We give thanks for our friends.

Our dear friends.

We anger each other.

We fail each other.

We share this sad earth, this tender life, this precious time.

Such richness. Such wildness.

Together we are blown about.

Together we are dragged along.

All this delight.

All this suffering.

All this forgiving life.

We hold it together.

From The Prayer Tree by Michael Leunig




1:) “Anyone can slay a dragon,

he told me, but try waking up

every morning & loving

the world all over again.

That’s what takes a real hero .”  From “Real Hero” by Brian Andreas


2:)“to love a person

is to learn

the song

that is in their


and to sing it to them

when they have

forgotten” (unknown)


3:) “Providence has hidden a charm in difficult undertakings which is appreciated only by those who dare to grapple with them.”  Anne-Sophie Swetchine


With thanks to you all, dear readers. Warmest wishes from me, Trudy


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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Thanks Trudy for the wonderful little snippets!!! Also for the beautiful photo…it’s gorgeous.
    Have a happy summer weekend. xo

  2. Gottfried
    Gottfried says:

    Love these Trudy, short and quite powerful, and I think that stick-drawing captures you, and your spirit, perfectly! 🙂

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      So true Kathryn. I love that little stick figure too. Someone sent it to me 20?? years ago. And I have appreciated it ever since. Warmest wishes, Trudy

  3. Jean
    Jean says:

    TRUDY,I I am just enjoying the fact that you are enjoying your home of origi. Somehow,it seems so powerful to me.

  4. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Oh, I love that Brian Andreas prose so very much
    I have just purchased a print of it from their website…can’t wait to be reminded of it each day.
    Thanks for all you do, Trudy

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Margaret!! Thank you for your note. I’m delighted to hear that you love that little prose piece.as always, trudy


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