Summer Holidays

One Year Later

Here I am, a year later, back in the Maritimes with my cousins. Here you find: laughter, love, kindness, organized chaos, lobster rolls, grape nut ice cream, conversation, swimming, noise, delicious food, sweltering heat, shade, generosity, differences, companionship, gratefulness, diversity, beauty, music, discussions, warmth, my cousin Sonya’s best seafood chowder (packed with lobster) and belonging. And a few soap boxes to climb up on occasionally when the urge becomes irresistible. ( and we climb back down too and give others a chance) All roads lead to this small corner of the world and whoever shows up is welcome.

All these perfectly imperfect people that we just happen to be with due to the mystery of life. In-laws too. It is so good to have a chance once again to tell them how much I love them.

Ordinary Moments

In the end it is these ordinary moments that stand out. The summer we… and if we aren’t too concerned about picking and choosing then each summer day is the best one yet.

Yes, there can be lost luggage, long lineups, mosquito bites, near misses and so much more that didn’t go according to plan, but if we live to tell the tale they soon become good stories. Slightly embellished, perhaps, but as John Steinbeck reminds us, “never let the facts ruin a good story,”

August 3rd is already here, the second month of “summer.” You won’t find me down at the dock, basking in the sun, but more likely in the shade of a big tree surveying the scene and happily taking it all in.

Outstretched Arms

Don’t forget to have fun. Ok. Turn a blind eye, now and then, to the foibles of our families and ourselves. Let’s recognize the great good luck that we are still alive.

I am convinced that we are all doing the best we can with what we know, at this time, and within the circumstances that we find ourselves.

May you live with outstretched arms.

Thanks for stopping by and warmest wishes always, Trudy.

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  1. Teresa Schwarz
    Teresa Schwarz says:

    Trudy I loved your post – as always. Organized chaos – got to love that. As you said… let’s turn a blind eye now and then and to remember we are doing the best we can. Love to you dear friend.

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    It’s been decades since I’ve had grape nut ice cream and too long since lobster! Thank you for sharing your bounty and your good story with us Trudy. love Jan


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