Coaching for Anyone Affected by Illness

You may find it helpful to talk to a person who has gone through a difficult illness and who has worked with others who are struggling with the ongoing challenges that illness presents. If you are curious about this, please get in touch to book a free appointment. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you with no strings attached. If you want a coach it is important to find a compatible one. I am one of many that you get to choose from.

Wholehearted Living Workshops – one year self-study program

I am delighted to offer this new 52 week workshop, as crazy as that sounds.  I want to try this and I hope you will be brave and bold and come along with me. In short, this is what I hope and plan for: A year of receiving weekly mind/heart lessons for those of you who want to live more fully. My bias is always toward taking action, while cultivating curiosity and wonder; purpose and gratitude; finding new solutions to old problems; discovering small joys; laughter; getting things done you deem important; making memories; climbing mountains – both real and metaphorical; facing death as a natural part of living and co-existing more skillfully with anxiety and fear.  It is possible to reduce unnecessary suffering while coming to terms with what you cannot change. Seems like a lot but we have a year.

Wholehearted Living Workshops-4 week webinar – Set A

  • Week 1) an overview and intro to Living Well with Illness
  • Week 2) be an Active Agent; help yourself by helping others
  • Week 3) set immediate life goals and act on them everyday
  • Week 4) prepare constructively for death and see death as a natural part of living.

One – hour weekly webinars for four weeks. If you end up not being able to attend it will be available to download.

Speaking Engagements and on-site workshops and retreats

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your interests.