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Travelling Day

Today is another travelling day as I move on to Nova Scotia, to visit, in particular, my 97 year old amazing Aunt Ruth. I will find her at her cottage on Brule Beach, most likely riding her golf cart to the nearby bakery for her supper. Feisty, kind, smart and full of life she lives independently and without complaint. Furthurmore, if any of you dropped by and told her you knew me, you would be invited in for a cup of tea. Warning – be prepared to have your ear talked off and to fall in love. If I am lucky, a few of my cousins who have cottages nearby may also be around. Lucky me.

Since there is no WiFi at Aunt Ruth’s cottage I am writing a short post before I leave, so I can send it from my phone, in the morning.

Wake up Grateful

Coincidentally, I am reading a book called Wake Up Grateful, by Kristi Nelson. Kristi is the executive director of the Network for Grateful Living and has her masters in public administration from Harvard. she is also a Stage IV cancer survivor and near the end of her book she writes these words.

“Surviving cancer taught me to notice all that is available here and now, to see beyond the myth that more is better, and to make a practice of not taking life and love for granted. The harbinger of joy is to focus on noticing, appreciating, sharing more of what is already given and present. Absent that capacity for appreciating what is, more of anything ultimately ends up neglected or as landfill. It was clear to me: life is meant to be savoured, for as long as we are able, as often as we are able, in relationship to as many experiences as we are able…life is a gift. Everything is a surprise. The ordinary is extraordinary…it is never too late…say yes to life.


Note: 1) Now I will soon be off. Thank you for tagging along  on my summer holiday. I appreciate your company. I hope you too are having some magical moments this month: moonlight, stars, fireflies, sunflowers, gatherings with loved ones, forest walks, swims, kayaking, laughter and love. Don’t miss these days.  Warmest wishes, Trudy

PS Even when things are going wrong there is always something to be grateful for. Kristi writes something like – gratefulness doesn’t protect us from the vicissitudes of life but it really helps us to navigate them.


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  1. Georgie Day
    Georgie Day says:

    Dear Trudy,
    So sorry I missed seeing you when you landed at Sonya’s place. I have been spending more time this year at our new, tiny ‘casita’ on wheels by the beautiful Belleisle Bay – appreciating life.

  2. Jean
    Jean says:

    So happy your holiday is going well,trying my best to stay in moment.celebrated my previous granddaughters 30 birthday yesterday at Columbia lake.they are moving on to Vancouver brave littie heart(me ).hope you get your ear talked off.

  3. Wendy KURCHAK
    Wendy KURCHAK says:

    Hi Trudy,

    For the past 2 summers I’ve desperately missed being in my newly discovered place of joy, the Northumberland shore of Nova Scotia near Tatamagouche.
    I’ve been soul aching to be there in its beauty and wildness.

    Lo and behold, here you are today sharing your visit to Brule, talking about the bakery with its fruit pies, and describing the hospitality of NS residents.

    My spirit has been lifted with memories of healing by the ocean’s rhythms, and a glimpse of promise that I’ll soon return to my sit spot in Megs Cove.

    Thank you, once again, Trudy.

    Wendy Kurchak

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thank you Wendy. It is a beautiful area and I have truly enjoyed my visit here everyday. My wish is that you get to come here again since you seem to love the area so much. It was special to see you on the webinar, Wednesday.


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