A Million Things are Going Well…

How are things?

This morning I wrote to a friend in answer to this query by writing “a million things are going well and a few things have been disconcerting.” Is that not the case with many of us?

Yesterday I was on the road again after a wonderful two week holiday in the Maritimes. So many wonderful things went well from safe travels, time with my wonderful relatives, good things to eat and drink, laughter, love and the beauty of nature.

The Unexpected

And the unexpected can happen. It is not unusual that we can ignore certain difficulties in life (you are free to insert yours) until they become personal. But when they do, they loom large and are layered with emotion. At those times we may notice how our minds tend to create one scenario after another, each worse than the one before.
And yet, if we stop for a few moments and assess the facts as they are, we can see that our brain machine has gone off the rails and is stuck in the groove of worst case scenario. Still, it is important to look ahead, especially if there is some preventative measures we can take. If  we get stuck in the catastrophe groove we may forget to focus on “facts as facts” or even overlook what we can and need to do.


At times like this I try to remember to look back. What actually happened when the sky fell for me? In the end did things work out? Was there something I learned? Is there a takeaway to do something different the next time?
Every action or non action we take in life has consequences and ripple effects. We can’t move or speak without leaving a trail. Some of those ripples are heartbreaking. Some are mind blowing. Some are brilliant. Some are life changing. Many are selfless. Some ripple with regret and remorse. This is how life is for humans.
However, once we take action, each one is written in stone. We can’t change the past. Yet, we can change the future by what we do today. We are learning machines and we ourselves can learn from our own mistakes. And the next time something similar happens, we can do something different. Going forward we can do what we can to remedy a situation and than use our precious lives to reconsider what we will do differently, the next time, under similar circumstances.
Life is not linear, from my experience. Things come and go. As Pema Chodron says, “they come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting their be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery for joy.”
Take heart! As long as we are still breathing we have the chance to influence our ripples.


Note 1:) Here is the sound of the Atlantic ocean from Duck Pond Beach in New Brunswick.

Note 2:) A wonderful poem, thanks to Janice Falls that I found on my favourite poetry site Heart Poems




Safety Net

This morning I woke
thinking of all the people I love
and all the people they love
and how big the net
of lovers.
It felt so clear,
all those invisible ties
interwoven like silken threads
strong enough to make a mesh
that for thousands of years
has been woven and rewoven
to catch us all.
Sometimes we go on
as if we forget
about it. Believing only
in the fall. But the net
is just as real.
Every day,
with every small kindness,
with every generous act,
we strengthen it.
even now, how
as the whole world
seems to be falling, it
is there for us as we
walk the day’s tightrope,
how every tie matters.
– Rosemary Wahtola Trommer
Note 3:) The photos are from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Note 4:) Yesterday was my travelling home day and we arrived safely back in Ottawa. Thank you for continuing to kindly read my blog. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful readers. No more travelling on Wednesdays. See you next week. With appreciation and warmest wishes, Trudy
8 replies
  1. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Thank you Trudy
    You’re writing is so enlightening and timely for me. I can hardly wait for bedtime because I know tomorrow will bring a totally new day of perspectives.
    Love you, Tamara

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Dear Tamara, that brand new day is a fresh start, even when it looks like the same old thing. Stay open for surprise and keep on noticing your own safety net. Big hugs coming your way.

  2. Nancy Jo Bleier
    Nancy Jo Bleier says:

    Has been fun reading your blogs on the road…had to put out a map to trace some of your path.
    Lovely photos and meaningful words….welcome home!


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