It’s not joy that makes us grateful it’s gratitude that makes us joyful. by David Steindl-Rast

Some days, a visceral  sense of joy comes unbidden, like today, seemingly out of nowhere. Have you noticed?

In my case, perhaps it is cumulative from my 7:30 AM walks with my almost ten year old Grandson; or my fifth weekly webinar at Wellspring Calgary, which I love delivering. I was thinking about this unexpected gift that has arrived with isolation, which has allowed me to visit Wellspring members once a week. It is as though I really show up in the midst of all these wonderful people. Or maybe it is the kind words that readers send to me or the helpful set of links I received to help me find an earlier meditation group.

And then again it could be the numerous cardinals or the red winged blackbirds that are beautiful to behold. Mind you, it is possible that it’s the chorus of birds outside my window that awaken me in the mornings. On the other hand it might be the sunshine, blue sky and warmth that is making its way north as we nudge up close to May.

Actually, I think it is also the gifts from my 96 year old aunt who generously likes to find clothes she thinks will suit me and goes to the trouble of packing them up and mailing them. Or the notes from my 100 year old Mother (this is how I now identify her) and her enthusiastic calls about the beautiful cards that keep coming in. (the latest from Teresa) Or it may be that I have had company these past ten days – my friend whose house I live in- so there is lots of laughter, even though her life, like many, has sadness.

It can certainly be the beautiful places to walk in my neighbourhood, along the canal, and past Commissioners Park near Dows lake where 250,000 tulip bulbs are planted, are up and will bloom in May. I bet it was lunch outside yesterday, for the first time. Or finally after 100  (slight exaggeration) attempts at producing a video for the ToDo Institute I managed. It is far from perfect but it’s done and off my shoulders. Whew!

It could be the calendar to honour my Mother. I love looking at it and reading the tributes, and then again it is also the wealth of meaning and opportunity that each brand new day brings for us to use and enjoy. Even as we are physically separated we can be connected in so many ways. It counts. For all our criticism of excess device time we rely on those same devices now. And I am grateful for my interest in technology my entire life and for the opportunities to explore and participate.

I think it is important now to turn our attention to beauty, books, art, music, sunrises (ok, maybe sunsets) the moon and stars and all growing things. Anything that captivates us and draws us in. Treasure our family and friends. Find humour and spread light heartedness to cheer one another on. Hold the course.

I think David Steindl Rast is right. When we notice all that we have to be grateful for we open the door to joy. And as  Dr. Bonnie Henry, Chief Medical Officer for the province of British Columbia says everyday, “Be kind; be calm; be safe.”


Thank you. Thank you. To all of you from around the world, thank-you for  showing up here every week. Until next Wednesday, warmest greetings, Trudy



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  1. Patti Morris
    Patti Morris says:

    Trudy … the timeliness of this, as always, is uncanny. I have on my list a note to reach out to Trudy to express my (and our collective) gratitude for your generous sharing with our Wellspring community. I met a member who happens to be a neighbour yesterday on my run, who thanked ME for you and your inspiring programs! I assured her that I am thankful for you equally. I cherish all the learnings (and savour all the laughs).

    As we, like others, are learning on steroids at the moment, we have ALL been expressing our gratitude for your unexpected gift of zoom tutorials. They are timely, necessary, and a massive help to us, as we seek to support more who need our programs and support more intensely at the moment. I have much to be grateful for also, and you are one of those many blessings, Trudy. Please accept our deepest thanks for your generosity of spirit in every way. With gratitude … Patti

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Goodness. I almost didn’t approve this comment Patti as it seemed too flattering. It is always my joy and an honour to participate at Wellspring. Thank you for inviting me. I am the beneficiary.

  2. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Dear Trudy
    I am grateful for your commitment in writing the weekly blog. Every day is not groundhog day, even though my day starts the same, pulling drapes open greeting my plants, to receive the morning sun. i enjoy reading texts from my grown adults and hope to see or have FaceTime with the grandchildren. Setting out our patio furniture for our morning coffee time with Jim. He put 5 fairly hard puzzles together. Set up his music space and is now drawing a photo of his father age 15, on his bike. Planning for the garden now awaiting the tulips to show themselves from his planting last fall. We are grateful to our family who call and check if we need any groceries and grateful when I try out new recipes with parsnips and eggplant. My joy when Jim likes the finished dishes.
    So, yes we go for walks, stay safe and stay calm.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hello Tamara: you just wrote a beautiful post yourself. It sounds like joyful living, through it all, to me. Thank you!

  3. Janice
    Janice says:

    Thank you dear Trudy for the reminder that it is truly gratitude that makes me joyful – so much to be grateful for which in turn creates so much joy which creates more gratitude and so it goes on. much love to you xoxoxo


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