Here Comes the Sun

It is evening time in Ottawa on the 13th of May and the sun is shining in my window as I settle down to write a few lines. Lots has happened this week with different provinces, states and countries opening up in a variety of different ways. I wish us all well as we venture forth with awareness, intelligence  and fortitude.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, CMO of British Columbia, suggests we stick to a small and consistent circle whose contacts we trust; short visits, unless you are outside, and no sharing of food or drink. Don’t change that circle up over the coming weeks but commit to protecting and caring for each other. And please continue to stay home as much as possible.

Sounds like sensible advice to me as we monitor what happens, and also encouraging that while we wait for the vaccine we can already have a little more freedom.

I have a new poem:

The Raincoat

When the doctor suggested surgery

and a brace for all my youngest years,

my parents scrambled to take me

to massage therapy, deep tissue work,

osteopathy, and soon my crooked spine

unspooled a bit, I could breathe again,

and move more in a body unclouded

by pain. My mom would tell me to sing

songs to her the whole forty-five minute

drive to Middle Two Rock Road and forty-

five minutes back from physical therapy.

She’d say, even my voice sounded unfettered

by my spine afterward. So I sang and sang,

because I thought she liked it. I never

asked her what she gave up to drive me,

or how her day was before this chore. Today,

at her age, I was driving myself home from yet

another spine appointment, singing along

to some maudlin but solid song on the radio,

and I saw a mom take her raincoat off

and give it to her young daughter when

a storm took over the afternoon. My god,

I thought, my whole life I’ve been under her

raincoat thinking it was somehow a marvel

that I never got wet.      – Ada Limón 

There is something about a poem that can sum up in a few words  what may otherwise take a book or more. I am filled with gratitude and  appreciation for our poets. And for all those who have cared for us.

And I am indebted to all of you, dear readers. Tonight I will bid you an early adieu and remind all of you to do your best to get enough sleep. That too is one of the important ways we can take care of ourselves right now. As important as sleep is I know too many people who are sleep deprived and have not been able to solve the sleep koan so I don’t like talking about it for fear of creating more anxiety. So, do the best you can. There is lots written on sleep hygiene seek help when you need too. Should anyone want some resources, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email.


Note 1:) Here Comes the Sun by the Camden Choir in the UK

Note 2:) Thanks to my friend Janice for The Raincoat. She is my poem guru.

Note 3:) With warmest thank you’s and appreciation for all your kind notes and comments.  Keep  on washing your hands and don’t touch your face. We aren’t out of the woods yet. Take care of each other. Warmly, trudy




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  1. Sabine
    Sabine says:

    Thank you Trudy for your constant effort – your posts keep me going in the right direction:-)
    Stay healthy and feel hugged by a deeply concerned friend!

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    I hope you slept well dear friend. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous poem; I trust others will also pay it forward. Grateful as always for you. much love, Janice


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