We all Need Sunflowers

Sometimes we need sunflowers in the middle of winter as a reminder of things to come when the wind blows cold.

And I think tonight about some special people in my life who are as radiant, beautiful and full of generosity and light as these sunflowers and I  bow deeply and silently to them.


I have written two full blog posts and discarded them both. This is all I really want to say, even though Thomas Merton gets the credit for saying it first.

Thomas Merton and his thoughts on ‘not depending on the hope of results

…it isn’t outcomes that matter. It’s people, our relationships that give meaning to our struggles. If we free ourselves from hope and fear, from having to succeed, (or change what can’t be changed) we discover that it becomes easier to love…We realize that we truly are in this together, and that’s all that matters…We are consoled and strengthened by being together… We don’t need hope. We need each other.”

I believe this to be true. Let’s do what we can to encourage each other on and find ways to bring sunflowers into each other’s lives. I think during difficult times we help ourselves by helping others.

 Thank you for your kindness and generosity, by showing up here each week. Please take care of yourselves during this challenging Covid winter. The vaccines are slowly rolling out and we still need to continue with our masks, hand washing and keeping our distance. However, over cyberspace you can consider yourself hugged by me. Warmest wishes, Trudy


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  1. Carol Ingells
    Carol Ingells says:

    Thank you, dear Trudy. How nice it would be to hug in person! In the midst of the virus and the anxiety and fear in the US, we moved last week from a nice home in the mountains to a retirement community. It’s nice here,too, I expect, but we can’t mix with anyone else, our meals are delivered to our house, etc. A huge adjustment. So your encouraging words helped me tonight. Many blessings to you as we all continue this journey together.

    • Susan rogers
      Susan rogers says:

      Moving to a retirement community was the best move for me,
      There are always people around to say hello to in the halls, the mail room, exercise class, the library, etc. meals are delivered, there is an MD if needed, and as long as I have my iPad entertainment.

  2. Meghan Innes
    Meghan Innes says:

    So true mom! What crazy times we are currently living in, we all need someone. I’m so grateful for you and all of my Family. Xoxo

  3. gottfried
    gottfried says:

    You do have a knack to just come up with what’s needed most – for me, at that very moment! Just reading this short blog, after your other two didn’t work for you, and then you do a 3rd one…and that’s the one I most needed today. Thank you Trudy, just in time, you are like a Swiss train!


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