The Secret Art of Travel

My title comes from Hermann Hesse’s “The Secret Art of Travel”:

To the eyes only looking hurriedly to the goal,

The sweetness of roaming cannot be savored.

Forests and streams and all of the magnificent

spectacles waiting along the way

Remain closed off.

I have things to say about my recent journey out west but this week I will set it up with this excerpt from my favourite little book by Shundo Aoyama, titled, Zen Seeds.

“The secret of traveling lies in savoring the things along the way. If you are in a hurry to reach your goal, you miss seeing the forests and the streams…unblemished twinkling of the stars. I savored Hesse’s poem anew and thought to myself that it was just the same with life. Enjoying each step of the way means making it (the journey) a destination in itself…in life, we never know what is going to happen. Last year on this mountain peak, local high school students were in serious danger when they were caught in a thunderstorm. sometimes people fall ill while climbing. If you have a goal like (arriving at) Myojin Pond and strain yourself to reach it, has your whole effort been wasted if you fall by the wayside?


If we savor each step toward our destination as an experience never to be repeated, then we will have learned a way of walking in which any stopping place is good.”


Note 1:) I was fortunate this evening. I realized that I could not do the blog post I wanted to do and picked up the little book Zen Seeds, opened it to this excerpt, and said Ah! This will do.

Note 2:) My 12 days on the west coast were pretty much perfect, with the exception that I was not able to see some wonderful people in my life. 

Note 3:) The banner photo is the Harbour Air float plane that took me from Vancouver Island to the city of Vancouver. I love water transportation. Float planes, ferries, water taxis, boats of all kinds.

Note 3:) The beautiful labyrinth is on a friends’ property, with a Japanese studio close by. The story will be told later. With thanks to J & S.

Note 4:) Treasure the journey. I am not convinced that there is the “best” time to do things.  It might be best to do things when you can.

Note 5:) Today is September 1st. My favourite month. It just might have something to do with my birthday month.  Happy birthday to all of my September readers. It is rare for my blog to fall on the 1st of any month, so I will take advantage of it. A very special shout out to BI today.

Note 6:) I want to acknowledge that this is not a joy-filled day for everyone. This is the first anniversary for a dear friends loss of her precious daughter. We have tremendous suffering in life and we can’t do it alone. That’s why we all need each other. To help and to be helped.

Note 7:) A deep bow of thanks to you all, dear readers. With gratitude, Trudy

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  1. Wendy KURCHAK
    Wendy KURCHAK says:

    Hi Trudy,
    Note 4 reminded me to not waste time.
    This is a lesson that I keep forgetting so I appreciate your encouragement to not wait for that seemingly perfect time to live life.
    You, and your wisdom, are precious to me.
    Thank you,
    Wendy Kurchak

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      My reminders are always for myself too, Wendy. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I wish you a good day with several joyful moments. Trudy

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thanks Janice. I have often thought that “timing” is everything or at least important. And of course it is, depending on the context. However, as I live longer I now think timing isn’t the most important aspect. Sometimes, we need to jump in and just do it or have the conversation etc. Life is amazing when we live it.


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