The Second Day of Christmas

Crazy Significant Idea

I came up with a crazy significant idea: I would use the 12 days of Christmas to write that particular number of cards each day to people I haven’t written a card to in a long time. Sadly, that means most people I know and love. When it comes to letter writing, I cycle through periods of drought followed by a flourish of letters and then back to drought. My last big letter-writing spree was the year I turned 70. Since then, it has died down until this past spring when I had a little blip with readers of this blog. But, I am in debt in the letter-writing department, and I want to fix that while I can.

When I first thought about it, it seemed simple enough – 1, 2, 3, 4…10, 11, 12, 13 yikes! I just added it up now, and that is 91 letters. I still have enough stamps in my stash to handle the postage, and I was prompted by a box of beautiful woodcut prints I received from a friend at Christmas. Furthurmore, today, I received three beautiful handmade cards in the mail that were so kind and thoughtful and brought such delight to my heart – surely a sign from the universe encouraging me to do this.


And believe me, this is not a grim duty – I deeply want to do it! Haven’t you noticed, too, that sometimes, even the things we say we want to do, we don’t get around to doing them? So this one thing – letter writing – closes out the last six days of 2023 and opens up the first six days of the New Year. Symbolically, it suits me.

What’s the worst that can happen? If I only do the first six days, that is 21 more letters than would have been written. And really, if I sit down with a card, a pen and a person in mind, it doesn’t take that long to write two cards, which is today’s count. And what happiness for me to picture these two friends and splurge with my words on what they mean to me. Maybe I won’t do so well when I am in the higher numbers. However, I don’t know that, so I want to give it a whirl while I can.

Just One Thing

This is the one thing I want to do to end the old year and enter the new one. It is easy for me to make a long list and then ignore it. But to write one thing to do for 12 days seems doable. Next week, when we meet again, it will be day nine, so I will report on how it is going – no matter what. Any false pride is mostly gone now. I am much more of a realist who is never cynical and even encouraging to myself, not just others, regarding our human foibles.



Recently, I received such a lovely year-end blessing by Nanea Hoffman that I will pass on to you:

“Be a kind voice in this broken-hearted world. Give grace, and be ready to receive it. Listen so well that the person you’re with can rest in your loving attention for a moment. Be a light. Be a light. Be a light.

May you all, dear readers, be filled with wonder.


1:) I rather like a white Christmas. Especially when it comes with a fireplace, a beautiful tree, wonderful people, books to read and lots of love. Oh, and cookies and vitamin Ch too. Grateful!

2:) I hope you have many restful moments, moodling walks, daydreams, wonderful memories, beauty, quiet moonlit nights, time with friends and family and perhaps a few moments of awe.

3:) Please accept my deepest thanks and appreciation for keeping me company. I love John Tarrant’s quote: “We are born, and we die, and in between, we have the chance to keep each other company, and that’s the thing that counts the most.” A warm and deep bow to you all, Trudy

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    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thank you dear Carol. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. It would be lovely to have a cup of tea together in the new year. All the best for 2024. Warmly,Trudy

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      I am so glad you found me again dear Kathryn. A lovely and unexpected visit this first week of the New Year. I wonder what happened? If you dont get a notification tonight about my blog post let me know and I can get you resubscribed. All good surprises for 2024 is my wish for you. Along with strength and heart. Warmly, Trudy


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