Summertime – let’s not miss it


I like to step back and look at my life according to the seasons because it helps me to be mindful of how precious each of these seasons is. Furthurmore, I don’t want them to simply fade away in the background. My purpose is not to miss this summer. Rather, I want it to be the front and centre of my life.

Come December, and I will look back and ask myself about the summer of 2023 – what did I do? How many gelatos did I get to enjoy, bike rides, swims in a lake and so on?

Tomorrow, I am taking my grandson,  granddaughter and two of her favourite friends to a small town 15 KM away for gelato. You could say it’s a waste of gas and that the gelato is too expensive, which is true, but I see it differently. Even more important than the objections is the experience. It’s about packing my car with five of us and taking a short road trip to Cassis – this lovely gelato shop, in a different province. They will remember what they played on the car stereo, and the flavour of their gelato, and it will be all about laughter and friendship.

We can create memories by doing something a little unusual. I will invite them to get what they want, and we will sit on the benches outdoors and ooh and ahh over who chose the “best flavours.”

We don’t have to wait for joyful moments; rather, we can go right ahead and create them.

                        A Poem — S.C. Lourie of Butterflies and Pebbles

Go into this week
with the attitude that
your peace,
your health of mind,
and your heart
mean more than
getting everything else done.
That your smile matters,
That feeling rested matters.
That holding the hand
of your loved ones matter.
So pause lots,
function at a pace
that doesn’t pull you apart.
Honour the things that
make you feel good inside,
the things that make you feel alive.
Give time to those things this week.
Make time the gift it is,
by giving it to what really matters to you.

 I find the summer season short and beautiful with a certain carefreeness that I don’t experience at any other time. Let’s not miss it and only notice summer after it is gone. I invite you to notice something beautiful each day of this summer season. You might jot it down. Your summer treasures of 2023.

None of us know –

How many more summers do we have? So, let’s relish this summer in the best way we can. Don’t turn it into a project. Rather, take the matter of summer seriously and gently. Maybe have a morning where you take yourself outside and contemplate the clouds or notice the birds and flowers. Be open for surprise and drift a little. Deliberate drifting outside on a warm summer day isn’t laziness. It’s living. Enjoy!


1:) “We have two lives; the second begins when you realize you only have one.” –From a beautiful poem by Mario de Andrade (San Paolo 1893-1945)

2:) Photos are once again from Gabriola Island and Vancouver

3:) I wish safe travels to all of you who are exploring the world. May you meet wonderful people and have amazing moments.

4:)Such a big thank you, to you, for reading my musings. I love Wednesdays because I get to show up here and have a virtual visit with wonderful people all over the globe. Warmest wishes, Trudy

PS For those of you who saw the post with the hummingbird nest, here are the babies in the early stages of flight. From what I understand, their wing rotations are at a slower pace than the adults.


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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    How lovely Trudy. Here on Vancouver Island seasons seem to merge without much ado. I guess spring follows winter with the arrival of the snowdrops followed by crocuses, daffodils and tulips but then moving toward summer seems seamless. It is above average here, the days are hot and the garden is thirsty. My days are spent mostly outside under my beloved cherry tree listening to and watching birds, enjoying the scent of a mixture of flowers and being happy I am alive. We are missing you!

  2. Georgie Day
    Georgie Day says:

    Thanks for urging me to stop piling things on to my To Do list – and just go for a drive!

  3. Janice+Falls
    Janice+Falls says:

    Ah the gelato shop – I know you will enjoy this treat, especially with your young guests 🙂 Summer goes so fast, we really do have to pay attention and slow down. What better way! xoxo

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Ah Janice! We need to take a drive out there ourselves and indulge in their delicious gelato when I return from BC. :-))

  4. Jean
    Jean says:

    Thanks trudy,always good reminders to live and love.enjoy your summer too.i know you will.i m learning to let stuff go and do a summer moodling

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      My outing with the grandkids and their friends was a hit for us all. We had a great time!Enjoy your summer days. Trudy


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