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On Sunday, I took a long walk on a glorious day. I went out looking for beauty, particularly the last hurrah of the ginkgo trees. I had no destination in mind, just moodling along. Thus, I wandered along the Rideau Canal through the farmer’s market and past the bare branches of the ginkgos. I unhurriedly chased the light, and when I spotted these shore birds, I took the stairs down to Colonel By Drive to get a closer look.  These ordinary gulls are nothing special, yet I found them interesting and stopped to watch how the light caught their feathers and produced reflections, which gave me pause to stop, stare and admire.

I thought about one of my reader’s comments referring to last week’s post where he wrote this – “…I am reminded of the metaphor of using a torch (I think you call them flashlights!) when we go out into darkness. We then see things in the torchlight. Those things we see were always there, but we didn’t see them until we shone the light. We all have a torch – we just don’t remember to turn it on!”

It was with this in mind that I wandered last Sunday. Shining the flashlight of my attention over the landscape and cityscape. I spent about three hours, and when I returned, I felt renewed. While the weather is reasonable, I suggest these kinds of meanderings. Take time to get lost right where you are. See your neighbourhood with new eyes. If we were to take a holiday, we would do just that – playful, restful, carefree wanderings.  So why not right where we are?


1:) A little joy with these kids and Playing for Change music video – Celebration

2:) This is a new quote to me about doing things you love. Thanks to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, and his weekly newsletter. “

Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello calls you to find what grips your soul: (some similarities with ikigai)

“You must cultivate activities that you love. You must discover work that you do, not for its utility, but for itself, whether it succeeds or not, whether you are praised for it or not, whether you are loved and rewarded for it or not, whether people know about it and are grateful to you for it or not. How many activities can you count in your life that you engage in simply because they delight you and grip your soul? Find them out, cultivate them, for they are your passport to freedom and to love.”

3:) My little bird is one of many I showed you last year at this time; it is so commonplace, and yet, there is such a beautiful chorus when they are together.

4:) Just a short little visit with you tonight. I hope you are doing well and making memories for yourself and others. Enjoy your days. Thank you for coming by here and sending me encouraging words. How lucky am I!


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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    Good evening dear Trudy thank you for my Wednesday bedtime reading and a reminder to enjoy. Today I was at carma house to make a Christmas wreath.such fun and so good to be back at carma house..enjoy your moodling time.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      I love the fact that I am your bedtime reading, dear Jean. Those wreath making classes at Wellspring sound fabulous. Glad you got in. Will moodle a little again today with this great weather. Warmly, Trudy

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Janice. Love your note, and I am going to get out there again today. These days are rare. And my trusty flashlight is always with me even though I sometimes forget to use it. Great walk yesterday. Warmly, Trudy

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Martha: lovely to hear from you and especially nice to hear that you passed on some joyful exuberance to others. Warmly, Trudy

  2. Kevin Simpson
    Kevin Simpson says:

    I love your posts and you are inspiring me to have a go at a weekly reflection myself – which will help me to keep my flashlight switched on! And your words really are inspiring!

    Keep on Shining Trudie!!!


    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thank you Kevin, once again. I am humbled. I am thrilled that you are considering your own weekly reflections. Please let me know when this happens so I can subscribe immediately. Best wishes and best effort, Trudy

  3. Darby
    Darby says:

    Even though it was a rainy day, I found time to walk and enjoy the day. I was MOODLING looking at the color the rain brought out in the leaves. Love that word. Thanks!

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Darby:
      Happy to hear that you like moodling around too. There is something very special to see the foliage and flowers after a rain. With appreciation, Trudy

  4. Jayasree Srivastava
    Jayasree Srivastava says:

    I love your word moodling. In recent months I’ve started writing poetry and am sharing one I wrote just a couple of days back:

    A Soft Sweetness

    At the heart of
    Every conversation
    Lies the beauty
    Of giving and receiving
    A simple beauty
    Seemingly hidden
    In the clamour
    Of daily life
    Slowing down reveals
    A million portals
    Noticing provides the key
    That opens these doors
    Which aren’t doors at all
    Between inside
    And outside
    In the dissolving
    Of every door
    My tongue tastes
    The sweet truth of eternity.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thank you Jayasree. Moodling is one of my favourite words too. I learned it from Brenda Ueland who wrote the book If You Want to Write. She was an outlier in her times – the 30’s. You might find her book interesting; it is often on the reading list in writing programs. Keep writing. Kindly, Trudy


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