Spring is Close at Hand

Spring is Close at Hand

I am very excited that spring is three days away. It is a rather artificial construct when you attempt to match the date to the weather. I have witnessed snow storms and deep cold on the first day of spring but this year all signs point to blue sky, sunshine, and plus ten celsius. (50 degrees Fahrenheit) For my Floridian readers this is a stay indoors temperature but for this snowbird it is a reason to celebrate. My spirit cannot resist the allure of spring.

Throughout my lifetime spring has always represented beauty and hope. It is no coincidence that the bright yellow daffodil is an icon of cancer. After a bleak and  desolate winter for some of my dear friends, the promise of spring is a promise of resilience, strength, courage and perseverance. A reason to get up in the morning, even when surrounded by a crowd of sorrows.

So for today I wish only to celebrate the constancy of spring. No matter what has gone on, spring arrives and with it the telltale signs of life: the tiny sprout, a spot of colour, the melting snow, the lightness of my step, the choice of boots or shoes, the impossible sweet surge of joy when the sun warms my face. And the smiling eyes of passerby’s, twinkling still above their masks.

Daffodil’s Return by Bliss Carmen

WHAT matter if the sun be lost?

What matter though the sky be gray?

There’s joy enough about the house,

For Daffodil comes home to-day.

There’s news of swallows on the air,

There’s word of April on the way,

They’re calling flowers within the street,

And Daffodil comes home to-day.

O who would care what fate may bring,

Or what the years may take away!

There’s life enough within the hour,

For Daffodil comes home to-day.


Note 1:) Poet and essayist (William) Bliss Carman was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in 1861. He studied at the University of New Brunswick,  University of Edinburgh and Harvard University. He settled in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 1909, where he spent most of his life and achieved international fame.

Note 2:) A game I play with my grandchildren is using the flashlight of our attention to spot the signs of spring. Who will see the first snowdrop or the spindley shoot on the south facing sidewalks. What about the bird sounds. The first leaf or bud and the many shades of green unfolding. Each day is different as more and more living things appear. Wondrous Spring.

Note 3:) I wish for you a spring in your step and may none of us sleep walk through spring. Imagine each day as the first day and go exploring. Many thanks for coming by here. I deeply appreciate your generous gift of time. Warmly, Trudy






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  1. janice
    janice says:

    I too appreciate ‘the constancy of spring’ and you dear Trudy, your constancy in reminding us of the joy and beauty in this world despite ‘a crowd of sorrows’. Happy spring to you!!! love Jan

  2. Jean
    Jean says:

    Glad I scrolled up.enjoyed my bedtime blog and yes I too,play this game.flowers are way ahead and the javk rabbits are showing brown.my heart sings.

  3. Teresa Schwarz
    Teresa Schwarz says:

    Trudy spring is my favorite time of year for all the reasons you outline. Lovely message. Such joy in anticipating the beautiful days ahead.
    Love and hugs today and always…


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