Obviously, Not Business as Usual

Hello dear readers:

Much has changed since last Wednesday for everyone.There is no reason to reiterate what we all know only to well. And with the fast changing light speed pace we don’t have enough experience to predict or get a grip on what this all means and for how long. We stumble along as we make our way up the learning curve.

Missteps will be made.

Some of them consequential. But I need to say this.

There are literally tens of thousands of health care workers, emergency responders, scientists, cleaners, food chain workers, governments, IT companies, teachers, manufacturers, to name but a few, who are working their butts off and at risk to themselves, to help us get through this once in our lifetime event. We have no idea of everything going on behind the scenes to assist in our survival. But it is as phenomenal as the virus itself. We must never forget that.

Still this is unknown psychological and emotional territory.

Many of us are scared, and anxious right now and we are being asked to do wild things. No hugging, socializing, sports, shopping, flying, luncheons, classes and more. We shouldn’t touch our face, as if that is possible, although I am getting a tiny bit better. No more school and trips, and for some no more work. All cancelled. Most of the usual things we take for granted are no longer available. There is much we need to adjust to, in our particular culture, and quickly. In fact being together, which we all know is the best thing to do under threat of anything, is the wrong thing to do right now, as we face the threat of  Covid-19.

Is that really True? No.

  • We can be together.
  • We need to be together.
  • We just can’t do it in person now.

And here is my next toast of thanks:


Imagine if we were all self isolating before technology changed our lives. We would be in a fix. And here we are in 2020 able to communicate face time to face time, over a myriad of apps and platforms. We can work at home without being alone. (there is an app for that)  Zoom is our new best friend for allowing us to meet, greet, continue classes, host a book club, have a music lesson, meditate, do yoga, and have a glass of wine together. We are better together. And it is still possible. All these tools have free versions and they are simple to learn. I will help you (see note) if you want but you don’t need me they all come with excellent tutorials.


Today I talked to my grandson, Jonathan, and he suggested I get an app called Google duo. It is easy to use and works great. I tried it out right away. My son and I set up a group, and you can have a total of eight on one call. It works like a charm.

I face-timed my daughter who is with her family and friends in Costa Rica, and if all goes well, they will fly home early on Friday. Whew!!

I worked with two friends last night on zoom as we planned a webinar. There is no end to what we can do together. The generosity of musicians, poets, writers, thought leaders and our next door neighbours is humbling. I am overcome with the goodness, creativity and brilliance that as crazy as it sounds, reminds me of spy hopping. (ok, that’s what my favourite mammal, the Orca, does, and when I am lucky enough to witness such beauty I am jubilant)

Spy hopping

Spy hopping is a vertical half-rise out of the water performed by a whale to view the surroundings.I think this is going on all over the place right now.  A half-rise to take a peak, get the lay of the land to see what needs to be done. Improvising. Jumping in without knowing exactly what to do but doing something, not just for yourself but viewing the surroundings to see what can be done to help each other. And those on the shore, confined, are waving those spy hoppers on.

We are definitely better together.

This morning I received an exquisite bouquet of flowers from a beloved friend whom I rarely see. They arrived on my phone in all their glory with a beautiful note that made my day and reminded me of the importance of reaching out to people we love, and telling them so.

What are we waiting for?  We can pick up a phone, write out a favourite quote to a friend or relative,  or send a word to the front line people. Even to our wonderful local business that may not recover from this. Quite possibly a better use of time than reading one more article after another. (I am trying to limit my reading to the morning and before dinner. I mostly fail, but I still try. )

And we can take a walk.

My health authority recommends it. Fresh air and sunshine a couple of times a day, especially if you can do it in green space.  I notice on the street where I live there is now a new norm that when you meet someone walking, one of you immediately steps aside and gives a wide berth. It is automatic, and I see it in myself. We wave and smile and say good morning. A little bow, or perhaps, kick up our heels. Well, I don’t do that or I would be on the ground, but I think about it.

So this is what I want to say. Let’s take care of each other. For now, I read that we should all tread carefully as though we might be a carrier and we don’t want to pass it on.

Altruism of the simplest kind, and we all know the drill:

  • thoroughly and regularly wash our hands
  • don’t touch each other except with our beaming faces from arms length
  • keep our distance when we are out and about
  • disinfect our own surfaces
  • call, write or facetime one or two people every single day
  • pick up your flute, paintbrush, pencil, quitar, or sing a song
  • finally get the basement cleaned
  • have fun at home
  • and the myriad of things we all can do with a moment’s thought

Learn to use the tools that are out there and allow you to have a virtual get together. Invite a few friends over for a glass of wine. No cost to you. Commiserate for sure but then switch to other topics. Laugh, talk and tell stories.

There is so much more to say but I have taken enough of your time.

  • We all have what it takes to go through this.
  • We are always better to do it with others.
  • We miss each others presence but let’s learn to meet online and hang out together. Bring a poem or a painting or a tale to tell. We need to laugh and joke and talk about stuff.

Covid-19 is like a wrecking ball but we won’t let it wreck our spirits, resilience or our joy in each other’s company.


Note 1:) My funny story is at my daughter’s expense. I texted my daughter, this morning, who is in a more remote part of Costa Rica and isolated from what we are experiencing here in Ottawa and elsewhere.

I said, “I guess it won’t take long until we get to see your natural hair colour. ha ha.”

She replied, ” Not funny Mom. Is XYZ not open??”

I said, “Everything is closed.”

There was a long pause and then it came, her order from Shoppers, for, you guessed it. Hair dye.

Note 2:) A great little video on washing your hands. I know. I know. But this one has some science behind it, is fun to watch and kids will like it too. Thanks to my son Rob. Watch here 

Something New

Note 3:) I will set up a zoom “let’s have coffee” at noon ET, this Friday, for anyone who wants to pop by and say hello or learn a little more about how zoom works.  I will open the doors at 11:30 ET so if you have trouble I will be there to lend a hand. You will be asked to download zoom. It’s free and it’s safe. You aren’t signing up for anything. If it doesn’t work for you and you want to try another time, please just email me and we will do a practice session. It works best on a computer or an ipad.

 To join in you will need to come back to this blog anytime after 11:30 ET on Friday and click on the zoom meeting link. Make note of the meeting ID on a piece of paper. You won’t need it but just in case you get asked, you have it.

Topic: Coffee drop in
Time: Mar 20, 2020 12:00 PM Montreal

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 950 202 645



Note 4:) Finally, you say. Good grief, Trudy. Enough is enough.

So here it is: a fun fact. I received my 100th subscriber today just three  weeks short of my Mother’s 100th. And my 100th blog post will be the week of her Birthday as well. I have to admit that I love these kinds of things. What is really special is that I took advantage of my innocent daughter-in-law, saying, “I always forget to read your blog.” Well, the rest is history, as we say. She is officially my 100th subscriber.

Imagine how lucky I am to have all of you 100 subscribers. Thank you. Thank you for your emails and comments. I got behind in my replies this week but I will be in touch soon. With a deep bow to each of you.  Do your best to stay healthy out there. See you next week and some of you on Friday. Warmly, Trudy





7 replies
  1. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Dear Trudy
    Love your blogs especially today’s. We are self isolating and I’m reading everything that pops into my email. I do enjoy your humour and insights. I plan on seeing you Friday, also.
    Waiting for warmly, Tamara

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      I am surprised that the Mother you won’t allow to cut bread is about to be turned loose on your beautiful locks. One good thing about hair is that it grows back. Bread, once it is crookedly cut and squished, well, not much you can do. Love you. Safe travels.

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    GREAT blog Trudy and all so true. This is the time we need to stop reading all the scary stuff (well read it a bit so you are informed but don’t let it overtake you) but turn to just straight out love…for your friends, family, people you see across the street as you give them a wide berth, ALL the amazing people who are working to keep us safe and also to yourself. LOVE…
    Love you my friend. xoxoxo


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