Letter Writing Is on My Mind

An Old-Fashioned Practice

Letter writing is such an old-fashioned practice – the pen and paper kind. I have always loved stationery – fine paper; elegant pens, especially fountain pens; beautiful and/or significant postage stamps; small presses; cards, particularly the ones from the UK. And, of course, all things related to writing from Japan. I can picture myself having a quaint, tucked-away little shop that contains all these lovely things. Imagine the people who would come in for a visit and leave, knowing they found just the right thing. Or if not, it was a beautiful interlude in their day.

The reality is that I have a desk that contains many of these things already but I rarely use them now. And this is about to change – with great difficulty, I can assure you, because I no longer have the habit. Way too easy to use email, text and Jacquie Lawson cards.

Taking Inventory

However, as I am going through my desk and looking at this wealth of all things required to write a letter or send a note by mail, I find it sad that I’m not doing so. So I have a new challenge: use up what I have, including my stamps, while I can. So, for those of you who know me, if you start getting notes for no particular reason whatsoever, you know I’m on track.

It bothers me to think this wealth is sitting here going to waste when I can pop into your mailbox with a friendly hello, quote, poem or stick drawing. I also have lots of card stock and I just ordered 200 of my favourite photos to make cards to give away. Furthermore,  if anyone wants a note from me in your postal mailbox, you can send me your address to trudy@livingwellwithillness.com  One day, when you least expect it, you will get a surprise card or note. Until the stamps run out, and that will take quite some time.

We all need connection, beauty, joy, laughter, and a few good words, according to the Surgeon General of the US and all kinds of recent studies. More than ever now. Truth be told, we don’t need science to convince us. We already know from our own experiences.


Letter writing is demanding my attention in several different ways right now, including both emails and text by the way. The latter is a brilliantly efficient way to stay in touch with people who are isolated in the hospital, for example, as well as at home. It is timely in a way that postal mail is not. But why not both? I hope you read this short and wonderful article just published TODAY in The Guardian on letter-writing and how it can transform lives.  You will see how the universe nudges me along. :-))

I may live to regret my public proclamation on letter writing from time to time. But I know from past experience that it is the best way for me to do these kinds of essential things that aren’t urgent. At this moment, I am full of hope and enthusiasm to see this through. The reality may be more like the Japanese proverb – “seven times down, eight times up.”


1:) Registration Link for anyone interested in the four-week online program in June hosted by Naramata and Sorrento Centre in BC. Please note the time advertised is PT and the fee is in Canadian dollars.

2:) Banner photo from Gottfried on Gabriola, once again;  “Start Anywhere” is by Patricia Ryan Madson and tulips from Ottawa, by me.

3) I found this short article on manga being preserved on washi paper for future generations thought-provoking, even though I have no interest in manga. However, lots of interest in washi paper.

4:) May is a magnificent month in my books. Full of colour, bird song, and a hundred shades of green. And every day, we are gifted with more.

5:) Thank you, as always, for joining me here. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Warmest wishes, Trudy


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  1. Terri Thomas
    Terri Thomas says:

    Hi Trudy, like you, I make my own cards and often send them to folks for no particular reason. It is rare to get something like that in the mail these days. I also use old family photos for each member on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They are always received happily. I would love to get a card from you.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Terri: Thanks for your cheery note. And I have your address, now, on my desk, ready to be written onto an envelope. :-))Warm greetings, Trudy

  2. Sandi Anderson
    Sandi Anderson says:

    Very timely thoughts on letter writing. I have several intiatives I am trying to get involved with currently. Sending sunshine/cdn based. Letters to care home residents. You can do your own art or buy cards. Very fun and thoughtful endeavour
    Letters from grandma is something I have been trying to formulate for children without grandparents in their lives. It was well received when I posted a survey last year. Just trying to get the mechanics.
    Thank you Trudy. Always a source of inspiration for me
    Sandi 💕

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Sandi: You are clearly established in letter writing projects. Here is the URL for Sunshine Canada https://www.sendingsunshine.ca/ It looks like a great organization and one I hadn’t heard of. Thank you. You are a source of inspiration for many! Good luck with the “Letters from Grandma” initiative. Warmly, Trudy

  3. Mary MacKenzie
    Mary MacKenzie says:

    Guess what was in my post box today. A lovely note from YOU! Thank you so much. The envelope was endearing along with your kind words! Loved it!
    You are providing inspiration once again! Thanks, Mary

  4. Janice+Falls
    Janice+Falls says:

    Nothing like a hand-written note on beautiful paper that comes in the mail with a unique stamp on it and no return address to keep you in suspense until you open it!!!!! thanks dear Trudy, I’m inspired xoxox

  5. Kathryn
    Kathryn says:

    Hello Friend
    I still write cards and letters. Picking out pretty stamps is still fun.
    Sesame street are my favorite stamps, you can find them at some post offices.. I’ve saved a few sheets.
    Thanks for a heartfelt post.

  6. Purdy
    Purdy says:

    Trudy, I write this with a smile on my face. Warm-hearted thanks to you for your messages each week. I especially like the letter writing article as I have been writing notes myself AND your comment about the many shades of green right now. I recall driving north on the Laurentian Autoroute in the 70s at this time of year with my father and observing the rolling hills and the many many different greens. It’s a good memory. Happy day to you. 😀


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