Let’s Learn Something New

This week I am doing something entirely different and offering a simplified drawing lesson and an interesting talk.

Why Drawing?

One of the skills that Dr. Jinroh Itami had his cancer patients learn and practice, was drawing. Why drawing you ask? He had several reasons:

  1. drawing offers a chance to cultivate focused attention
  2. it can be a healthy distraction that provides temporary mental relief from morbid concerns, anxiety and fear
  3. it activates the senses and stimulates the brain
  4. it can be fun
  5. it may provide a little gift for a dear friend (if we leave our vanity behind)
  6. we can wholeheartedly and diligently absorb ourselves into the task of drawing

Drawing Lessons

I came across this unusual little Ted Talk by Ralph Ammer, called Drawing Lessons, and it drew me in as I watched. And since I am convinced that in times of uncertainty it is important to learn new things and do something with our hands I wanted to encourage us all to experiment. (including me)

So here it is. A short talk on drawing, on Ted X. Next I went looking for more and found a short and simplified drawing tutorial by the same artist. I think it will be fun. We could all try it and see what happens. You can even post a picture of your scribbles in the comments, or not,  and we can enjoy the experience together.

You don’t have to like this particular idea but I think it is a good time to be bold and try new things that we can do within the walls of our homes. Let’s experiment. You can always pick something different. No rules here.

Ted X Talk with Ralph Ammer Drawing Lessons

Simplified drawing tutorial to go with the talk Click Here


Note 1:) Keep your distance. Let’s encourage each other to respect the Covid-19 guidelines. We don’t want spring fever to have us throw caution to the winds. Our resolve to stay at home  is desperately needed now.

Note 2:) For anyone who wants to join me for coffee on Monday April 6th, at noon ET,  I will send you a zoom invitation. Please let me know by email that you want to be included and I will send you the link early Monday morning.

Note 3:) Today in Ottawa, on my block, we banged our pots and cheered for Health Care workers. They are our front lines and are working tirelessly through this pandemic. They are our heroes and most Canadian cities are now going to their front porches and balconies every night at 7:00 to say thanks.

Note 4:) So many thanks to all of you who show up here each week. Please accept my deepest appreciation. Let’s all hang in there. A deep bow to you all. Trudy




8 replies
  1. Sue Fitzwilson
    Sue Fitzwilson says:

    Great idea Trudy. Thank you for always finding a positive way.

    We are banging pots and pans here in Vancouver. I have heard other services are showing up with sirens and even fireworks at hospitals.

  2. Gottfried
    Gottfried says:

    Excellent idea Trudy! Thank you!
    And I will show my appreciation to all these healthcare workers by doing my part ( and utmost) to stay away from them!!

  3. Trudy
    Trudy says:

    Thanks Sue. My son has been telling me about the pot banging cheers going on in Vancouver. A neighbour started it yesterday on my block and it brightened up the entire street. Cheers, Trudy

  4. Margaret Rode
    Margaret Rode says:

    Thank you so much for this Trudy. I can’t wait to do Drawing Lessons! (I even have pencils, paints, etc.) I have also pledged in April to learn another new skill — making cheese 🙂 — and to spend the first two hours of each day writing. It’s a strangely joyous time, amid all the fear….

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Yeah Margaret. I have another little app for you to try as well. I like your schedule. Thanks so much for your note.


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