It’s All Been a Blessing – Guess Who I Am Talking About

A Special Convocation

In the spring of 2004, a special convocation was held in Vancouver where Honourary Degrees from both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia were bestowed on three Nobel Laureates, who had all won the Peace Prize. The recipients were the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Shirin Ebadi.

It was a week long event with enormous gatherings of 30,000; smaller gatherings of 1000 and one special gathering of 300, where the Dalai Lama made an appearance.  My Mother was one of the lucky ones, along with my sister, a few friends and myself. We all received the white scarf, his blessing and a memorable moment for a lifetime. My take away was: “Never resist a generous impulse,” and “My religion is kindness,” which is the same religion as my Mother’s.

I was thinking of the Dalai Lama as his 85th Birthday was this week and I had recently watched a documentary  about him (which I highly recommend) called In His Own Words. It is wonderful and  I hope to show it to my Mother, later this month.

It brought me back to that extraordinary week in Vancouver 16 years ago, where we also met many other amazing teachers and writers representing all of the wisdom traditions.

It’s all a Blessing

Rabbi Zalman Schachter, was one of them. He  wrote the book, From Age-ing to Sage-ing, amongst many others. Several of us became interested in his warm and enlivening concepts, to turn ageing into a meaningful, lively and joyful time of life while passing on wisdom to the younger generation.

Rabbi Schachter wrote a blessing that my Mother loved and loves to this day. She keeps it out in plain sight so it is readily available.

I dedicate this blessing to my Mother who has showered us with blessings for 100 years. And to everyone, doing the very best they can do with challenging situations. You all have my highest admiration.

  “Whether the golden sun warms you to the core or the bitter cold wind stings your face, it is all a blessing. Whether you are surrounded by pleasure or immersed in toil and strife, every moment is a thing that carries boundless beauty and possibility.

Take each moment as it comes to you and give your best to it. Resenting the pain will only make it more painful, and hoarding the pleasure will only prevent you from experiencing its joy.

Give your attention and your energy to where you are. For when you truly appreciate the value of where you are and what you have, it opens you up to a world of possibilities.

Move beyond your own arbitrary judgments, and things that were once difficult and intolerable can become far easier to bear. Consider that much of what makes something difficult is the way you think and feel about it.

Rather than seeing yourself as enduring something unpleasant, see yourself as contributing your very best to a challenging and energizing situation. Rather than waiting for something better to come along, take the initiative and find a way to make something better actually happen.

Every moment is a truly unique and valuable blessing when you see it as such.”

Rabbi Zalman Schachter


Note 1:) Rabbi Schachter, was the author of many books, a founder of the Jewish Renewal movement, an innovator in ecumenical dialogue and a revered as well as a controversial figure in the overlapping circles of his life.

Note 2:) My Mother’s strength is  “to take the initiative and find a way to make something better actually happen.”

Note 3:) Speaking of my Mother, (as hinted in my title today)  she is in the hospital until Monday, July 13th. I am flying out on Sunday and we will be together with our family bubble, until the end of July on beautiful Gabriola Island. Is that not happiness!

Note 4:) I appreciate you dear readers. You are simply the best. Many thanks and the warmest of wishes. Take care of yourselves and make the most of everyday. Remember to allow lots of time for beauty in your life. We need that now, or so it seems to me.  See you next week. Trudy

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  1. Patti Morris
    Patti Morris says:

    It is no small wonder that your mother loves Rabbi Schachter’s blessing … she lives and models it for all of us. I am forever changed by her beautiful spirit, her joie de vivre. Celebrating her always.

  2. Jan Klein
    Jan Klein says:

    Trudy thank you for your thoughtful and inspirational musings. Rabbi Schachter’s blessing is a reminder that Attitude is a game changer. Your mother sounds like a remarkable woman. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful Reunion on Gabriola Island…sounds divine.

  3. Sue Fitzwilson
    Sue Fitzwilson says:

    Good news about your mom and what a wonderful healing place for you all to recover. Will be thinking of you and all of the love and care that is waiting for you and your mom.

    My thoughts will be with you.
    Much love

  4. Yoshie
    Yoshie says:

    Thank you for the blessings from Rabbi Schachter, your mother and you, Trudy. You conveyed what I want now most. Enjoy the stay in Gabriola. Give my best wishes to your mother.

  5. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Beautiful post Trudy. Love, love, love the blessing by Rabbi Schachter. No wonder your dear Mother loved it…and you too.
    Thinking of you all and sending you enormous amounts of love. Have a safe trip and give my love to one and all in Gabriola.
    Miss you my friend.
    Love and hugs,
    Nance xo

  6. Kevin James Simpson
    Kevin James Simpson says:

    I have a lot of stuff to read every day. Too much! But whenever I see another of your blog entries pop into my email, I read it straight away. This one lifted me. Simple words with so much depth and wisdom. Thank you so much!

  7. Purdy Mackenzie
    Purdy Mackenzie says:

    It seems that your written words always, without fail, reach me when I need that extra little bit of wisdom and inspiration. Thank You, dear Trudy. I wish you safe travel and another memorable trip to Gabriola.

  8. Karen Cain
    Karen Cain says:

    I remember those exciting times, when you returned from this conference and shared with us.
    Your generosity of spirit flows out and returns to you. Yesterday when I FaceTimed your mom in her hospital bed, she was as ‘up’ as always. She IS the model for golden aging! See you, at a social distance, soon.

  9. Wendy Kurchak
    Wendy Kurchak says:

    Thank you for sharing this blessing and encouragement, Trudy. “Take the initiative/action” – I’m making these words a new mantra for myself.


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