I Just Knew YOU Were an Artist


I was caught off guard today when I walked into a stunning room in a beautiful furniture design shop and exchanged a few words with a stranger.  As he left, he turned and said, “I knew you were an artist; I could tell as soon as I saw you.” How? I asked. “It was those stylish blue glasses and linen shirt and then he kind of shrugged and said, “I could just tell.”

So here’s the thing. I didn’t correct him. I allowed him to leave under the delusion that I, the woman who failed art in grade 1, was an artist. The fantasy was beautiful as I pictured myself in an entirely different world from the one I inhabited. It was such fun, and I floated down the stairs and down the street like a different version of Grandma Moses who began her artistic career in earnest at 78.

It helped that I recently started a poetry/sketching program that I love. Mind you, the figures have no detail and would be considered whimsical at best – but still I love it. Maybe this was a sign from the universe that I am about to shift directions. haha


I am having such fun as I scribble away here in New Brunswick on the last week of my family holiday. I have had the luxury of an extra week to moodle around this summer so I have the time to be playful. However, this little encounter made me think of other possible futures I may have had if I took different paths. And it was delightful to daydream a little and still come back to where I am now, and recognize how happy I am to do exactly what I do. Naturally, I have lots of leeway to make little shifts and adjustments, while being overwhelmingly grateful for the life I have.


Speaking of life I have a wonderful announcement. It is my deep joy to introduce you to my new four-day old great granddaughter twins:

Isabelle Adeline and Evelyn Victoria

New life is precious. It sounds trite to say how quickly 30 years flew by since my grandson Jonathan was born but it is true. And now we have Jonathan, his wonderful wife Katie and two new members of our family – Isabelle and Evelyn.

Such a warm welcome has greeted their arrival. If love makes a difference and I believe it does, they have been swaddled in love from before they were born.

So I wish for this new sweet family a million well wishes for good health, happiness, steadfastness  and love. May they have a joyful childhood.


1:) It has been an amazing summer coast to coast. So much goodness and happiness. I am grateful.

2:) Happy Birthday (today) to Gottfried who has contributed many beautiful photos to this site.

3:) A big thank you to my Maritime relatives and friends for their amazing hospitality and warmheartedness.

4:) A sign in front of a bookstore – ” We like people with no Shelf Control.” since I am one of those people I didn’t go in.

5:) A tiny poem by Whitney Hanson that came to mind as we walked in a downpour this morning in St John, New Brunswick:

“you’ve just come in from a rainstorm

you can’t expect to be

immediately dry warm and comfortable

but you can do the little things

take off the heavy clothing

turn on the coffee pot

wrap yourself in a blanket

one small thing at a time”


6:) Thank you for sticking with me through these summer days. I appreciate each one of you. Best wishes, Trudy




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  1. Carol+Ingells
    Carol+Ingells says:

    Well, how wonderful about the new little girls! Where do they live? Bet you can’t wait to meet them in person. And congratulations to Gottfried today! We were there with you at this time in 2000. Like you said, where did the years go? But we also know there’s been much living in those years. And now I’m 80, Norris has been gone 18 years, and much has changed for all of us. I’m slowly recovering from a total knee replacement, so I appreciate, even more than usual, the distraction of hearing about your life! Many blessings, dear Trudy.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Hi Carol: I love your dear notes. The twins live in Calgary. I saw Evelyn on Zoom tonight, while her sister slept. I will see them in person in October. It will come as quick as a wink. I am thrilled to be one of your distractions, Made my day. :-)) Take care, go slow and follow your doctor’s instructions. And keep on casting those smiles of yours all over the place. Warmly, Trudy

  2. Jim Roberts
    Jim Roberts says:

    Hi, Trudy.

    So wonderful to hear from you. I have more or less begun a new life, it seems. I am making collage bookmarks and collage refrigerator magnets here in this “Center for Senior Living” which I call the Old Folks’ Home. I will send you one or two, if you like.

    It’s great reading your posts. Greater still would be to talk in “real time” with you.

    We must do that.

    Love, Jim

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      What a treat to hear from you here Jim. You are amazingly adaptive and resilient as your circumstances change. I am a big admirer. Best wishes always, Trudy

  3. Janet Vickers
    Janet Vickers says:

    Babies who are loved and who arrive in families who can afford to feed, clothe and house them, then furthermore are able to give them the love they need – all newborns deserve this but it doesn’t happen to all as we have seen with the refugees. My heart goes out to all.

  4. Terri Thomas
    Terri Thomas says:

    Trudy, your blog made my day, probably my week. It was so full of joy and love. I hope I get to be a great grandmom in the near future. Those infants are absolutely adorable and their names are so elegant. Congratulations to the whole family.

  5. Janice+Falls
    Janice+Falls says:

    Thank you dear friend for another extravagant offering of joy. Lucky twins to have a great grandmother like you!! Enjoy every last drop of your east coast time and look forward to seeing you soon. xoxoxo

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thanks, dear Janice. You now know all about grandmothering – it is a very special role. You also know the Maritimes and I had a wonderful time once again. (Ages between 2 and 99.) How can you go wrong! See you soon, Trudy

  6. Jean
    Jean says:

    Of course you are an artist dear TRUDY,in your own right aud in the artful way you nudge others to try. GOd bless your beautiful new family members and their parents. I hope we can see many pictures as the little girls grow. I love their names.


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