Guess Who I Get to See This Week?

I will fly to Calgary early in the morning for two special reasons – to meet my beautiful great-granddaughters, Evelyn and Isabelle, for the first time, and to do in-person programs for my beloved Wellspring. How lucky can I get…10 days of joyful opportunities and endless possibilities.

So, tonight, I will not write a blog post as I still have several things to do. ( I am attempting to be realistic.) Life often has other plans than the ones we carefully craft and I am thankful to be able to respond. Usually, my karma is to have a sleepless night, before I fly, but this time I am attempting to modify that trend, in a minuscule way. :-))

“Little snail,

slowly, slowly,

climbs Mount Fuji

by Issa (1762-1826)


Thank you so much for stopping by. I will see you next week from Calgary, actually Edmonton on Wednesday. I hope these little ones (10 and 1/2 weeks) make you smile. All the best, Trudy







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  1. Pat Scanlan
    Pat Scanlan says:

    Trudy, lucky, lucky you. Two babies, double joy, double love, double delight. Enjoy the two of them and take lots of pictures.

  2. Jean.
    Jean. says:

    So happy for you as you get to hug two beautiful babies with your DNA and happy for me because I get to hug you on is good. Also thank you for leading the way, for we that are trying to be realistic, take care of ourselves and erase that image of Pattie perfect.

  3. Sabine Kaspari
    Sabine Kaspari says:

    YES, those babies made me smile – in fact they put a big grin on my face. They remind me of my own twin boys 31 years ago:-) Have a save trip and come home healthy and happy.

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Yay! I am happy those babies made you smile. I was beaming like the north star when I met them. Hugs across the sea. Trudy


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