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Too Much to Write About

I have been in Alberta for 11 days and a few more to go before I return to Ottawa. It has been a whirlwind of joyful and meaningful moments with work, friends,  family and colleagues, Wellspring volunteers and members old and new. And the great honour of being able to facilitate these programs for people impacted by cancer.

Let me say that I am grateful from the top of my head to the tips of my toes for the kindnesses and generosity that greet me everywhere I go.To say that I am lovingly spoiled is an understatement.

But for tonight I will leave you with the mountains and the reminder that “We are born and we die, and in between we get the chance to keep each other company and that’s the thing that counts the most.” John Tarrant

PS – I spent my unexpected day off, today, visiting with friends and family. It was wonderful. Now I will say goodnight to you, and go do what I need to do. And I will be back next week with my wordy self.  :-))

First a tiny poem.

Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.
Wu-Men (1183-1260)


1:) Tomorrow, May 9th, is my grandson Rowan’s 14th birthday. He and his Mom will begin  with a sunrise bike ride along the canal and through the tulip festival. Sounds beautiful to me.

2:) I have missed the early May birthdays and other celebrations of wonderful people I love. My greetings will come later and with just as much heart after I get home. 

3:) I know there are people reading this blog who are going through challenging times. Please accept my best wishes for what is best for you. I have been deeply inspired by the people I met on this trip and return to Ottawa humbled and in awe by our fellow humans. Take heart.

4:) Thank you for reading. Warmly, Trudy


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  1. Shelley A.
    Shelley A. says:

    A sunrise bike ride along the canal and through the tulips sounds like a perfect way to welcome your 14th birthday – or any birthday, in fact! Love the Canmore photos and the tiny poem, Trudy. Love you too!

  2. Yoshie
    Yoshie says:

    Mountains are beautiful. With abundant flowers around me which make me happy, of course, mountains with snow are very flesh and bring clear atmosphere.

  3. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Happy birthday to Rowan, I’m so glad to share this planet with such a wonderful human.
    Thanks for being out there, Trudy!! Safe travels


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