A Forest Walk

We read about it and write about it and many of us do it. The benefits are legend:  a forest walk, I am speaking about.

The morning following My Mother’s death, my son called and asked how I was doing. “I am OK,” I said, “except my body feels like it has been run over by a truck.”

“I suggest we take a walk in the forest; how about Nelder’s Pond. That place I told you about.”

And so we did. Seven of us piled into two vehicles, drove 20 minutes, and arrived at Nelder’s Pond. From the first moment, magic was happening. Dragonflies were everywhere, including red ones and a black and white pair. The air was sweet. Our spirits lifted. Approximately 90 minutes later, we returned to our starting point, and all of us felt revived. We walked through groves of pine, spruce and cedar. Dappled light; sounds of birds and rustling leaves and the fragrance of the earth and the trees. The odd blackberry bush soaked in sunlight, at a fork in the road, added to the fragrance, or perhaps it was the wild roses near that same spot. A full sensory experience.

Home Now

My friend Karen, had written out an excerpt from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, and I am reading it again now:

“but when you left, a strip of reality broke

upon the stage through the very opening

through which you vanished: Green, true green,

true sunshine, true forest.”



Note 1:) The science is still lacking to prove it. But there is some evidence — as well as good old common sense — to suggest that spending time in nature is good for both the mind and body, whether done as a group or alone. It may be something we all need more of. Amitha Kalaichandran, M.H.S., M.D., (@DrAmithaK) is a resident physician in pediatrics based in Ottawa, Canada.

Note 2:) Words can’t express my deep gratitude for all of your kind messages, thoughts and prayers. Believe me when I tell you they bring solace.

Note 3:) Today, I did my 1st webinar for Wellspring in over a month.  On Sunday night I had looked up my list of Webinars to see what I was speaking about, and to my surprise saw the topic was “Never Resist a Generous Impulse.”  It seemed perfect to begin again with this and so perfect to dedicate it to my Mother.

Note 4:) Take good care of your dear selves. Spend lots of time outdoors with all things green. Warmest greetings and see you next week, Trudy


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  1. Carol Ingells
    Carol Ingells says:

    Thank you for this beautiful, and beautifully written, piece, Trudy. It is a gift to me, as well, as I grieve the loss of friends and family. (and pets)
    Bless you each day.

  2. Gabriole
    Gabriole says:

    Indeed dear sister
    it was a special time together.
    Thumbs up to you for keeping the inspiration going.
    Love you dearly – G/***


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