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Sing While There is Voice Left

Sing While There is Voice Left

I read a book, as a young 20 year old living in Montreal, called Sing While There is Voice Left. It was written by a theologian and I remember nothing specific about it, other than the title.  The title, however, has stuck with me my entire life.

I hear sing as a synonym for those things I consider important to do. Like writing this blog, as an example, or facilitating workshops; taking photos; spending time with my Grandchildren; saying thanks; walking, talking and cycling with my family and friends; having a nap in a hammock (when was the last time??) and always remembering when I say good bye to anyone that these may be my last words.

Sing while there’s voice left reminded me to take that cycling trip with my kids and ride in a hot air balloon with my Mother; move to Ottawa to help care for my youngest grandchildren, and now, seven years later, create this website and write this blog, while I have the chance.

As a maxim it is embedded in my operating system, and of particular help when difficulties assail me and my world gets turned upside down. In those times, with effort, I  turn my attention to also include small joys where light filters in. I notice small ways, where I can contribute. And I take small steps towards changing what can be changed and doing what I can do.

We all have things, unique to each of us, that we want to do and consider important to do. In fact, I think we all have things that only we (as in each of us) can do. This very moment is the time to begin. Conditions will never be perfect so we may as well take advantage of imperfect conditions to get started, while we can. What do we have to lose.

I wonder what “Sing While There is Voice Left might mean to you? You are always welcome to write to me here

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I wish you many joyful and purposeful moments. I will be back next Wednesday. Update: my blog post didn’t get sent out last week due to operator error. I hope I have fixed it and you will receive this today and with a little luck, another post on time, tomorrow.  Warm regards, Trudy