Immersed in Beauty

We all have things that catch our eye or give our hearts a little flutter when we spot them. Therefore, it can be worthwhile and fun to notice what attracts our attention because we can then deliberately spend a little more time with what interests us.

I love peonies. The vast array of colours and shapes are a wondrous display in June of each year. Here in Ottawa we appear to have the finest conditions for growing and showing off these beauties and I was afraid that my recent week away meant I had missed them.

So, on Friday morning I set aside one hour to check out the Experimental Farm garden and to my amazement and delight the peonies were there in all their glory. I took 129 photos and deleted only two. Most unusual for me as it often goes the other way.

While I was immersed in all this beauty there were photographers and watercolour artists capturing what they saw and loved, while being careful not to intrude on what others were admiring. It was an improvised dance of admiration, if not bliss.

We are all busy. It is easy to neglect doing something that we would love and that would nourish our spirit. I can only recommend that we purposefully plan into each day, an appointment with beauty. For you it may be 60 quiet minutes on the beach; capturing sunrise on your canvas; listening to music; a walk in the forest. Only you know what beckons your heart and spirit.

An hour may seem like a luxury. Yet, it may end up being your life saver by giving you the strength to continue to do the hard things that life often requires. Hint: it may mean you need to get up an hour earlier to make this happen. Try see, as the ancient Hawaiians said. Try it. See what happens.

Note: I actually figured out how to do a small gallery of peonies.  Click on the big one and arrows appear so that you can easily scroll through the five that I chose. (Please understand how I had to restrain myself.) See you next week, Trudy