Coaching for Anyone Affected by Illness

Coaching for anyone affected by illness
Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone who is not a relative or friend.  One who has personal experience dealing with the shock and the challenges of a difficult diagnosis or treatment. And one who has worked with hundreds of others going through a medical ordeal. There are many options available and I am but one of those people.

My bias is towards making the most of the time we have. But wait, we need to recognize the shock to our system first when hit with such bad news. Cancer and many illness become a family diagnosis because everyone is affected. Doubt, fear, suffering, depression, discouragement – so may hurdles drop into our path. And yet, that is not the end of the story. As we right ourselves and regain our balance, questions arise. How can we learn to live with all this anxiety? So much is out of our control, how do we see what we can control and influence? And there are dozens of practical questions that keep us up at night.

What this means to me is taking action on the most important things we want to do before we die.It is about noticing the ordinary and finding joyful moments in the small things of daily living.  It is about the struggle with discomfort and It is about mending our fences while we have the chance and taking an active role in our treatment plan. It is about learning new things, rediscovering old things, moving our bodies, looking for humour and helping others. Oh, I almost forgot to mention creativity: writing; drawing; calligraphy; woodworking; cooking; fly fishing; music…you get the picture.)

Coaching can help with non-medical needs.

One-on-one coaching is by no means essential. But for some it can help sort out and gain an overview on the terrain of this new country. It can point out the guardrails and the landmines. There is the possibility for a fundamental change of heart.

A special note to the amazing Caregivers. You may find yourself between a rock and a hard place and your particular needs often go unaddressed. I have a special place in my heart for caregivers.

Costs are always open for discussion.

One session $60.00/hr

Four to six sessions $50.00/hr

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