We all need the basics:

1.     Sleep
2.    Nutritious food and water
3.    Exercise
4.    The company of others: friends, family and strangers
5.    A reason to get up in the morning

This week’s “basic topic, is the company of others: friends, family and strangers.


Things to do this week, if you choose:

Read: Cycling the Cabot Trail

Ted Talk: Canadian Dr. Susan Pinker on the role of social relationships and longevity.

“The secret to living longer may be your social life.”

Susan Pinker’s talk, ties in perfectly with item #4 in the above list of basics. It is about 16 minutes long and well worth listening to. What is so reassuring to me is that Wellspring Calgary  plays a pivotal role in this area. The endless opportunities to participate, learn, laugh and cultivate friendships with others, are yours for the asking. Wellspring is like the Village Square in a European town. There is a reason why members often feel better after they have been to Wellspring and it is not just the program. Rather it is the other people whom they get to hang out with, whether it is making music, learning a new skill or having a cup of tea. Life long friendships are often the outcome.

Susan is a Developmental Psychologist, writer and recipient of many awards. Her latest book, The Village Effect, was a Canadian bestseller and an Apple non-fiction “best pick” for 2014. I haven’t read the book yet myself, but have it on order from the library.

A few suggestion’s that you can adapt to your particular circumstances, for this week.  If  your life is going as you want, there is no reason to try and look for something that isn’t working. As with all assignments, you take what you can use and you leave the rest.

Assignment Week 3:

This week I urge you to begin  or to continue a creative pursuit. Look at the Wellspring calendar. Every day is the right time for new beginnings.

Maybe you will need to reflect on what creativity means to you. Perhaps you have to look back to when you were a kid and recall what you loved doing.

As an example, I had forgotten that I loved photography. I was too busy, too engrossed in other things and my partner was a great photographer, so I soon just let him be the “photographer” in the family. When I started travelling, by myself, I had to bring a camera if I wanted any record of my holidays. To my surprise, a whole new and enthusiastic interest re-emerged, and I now love taking photos and using them in my blogs.

There is no better time to begin anything. Jump in and see for yourself. You have a deep well of hospitality and talent in the art studio at Wellspring with the beloved Kathy McDuff. I can’t encourage you too strongly to read up on what she and her team are offering. Dive in. The Creative Journaling program is a great place to begin. It is an outstanding, non-intimidating and joyfully rewarding and insightful program.

The opportunities are endless: writing; music; gardening, knitting…Find what attracts you and be bold and brave. And even better, be wholehearted in your approach.

Make every day a good day by doing one thing that you consider important. Don’t forget to move your body, if possible, as it is bound to lift your spirits. How about Wellspring’s stellar outdoor and indoor exercise programs. What about fly fishing?? That sounds creative to me. You won’t regret it and you may just fall in love with the river and tying flies. Or you may want to try your hand at blogging.

And of course, take care of business. You know the drill: the will; the power of attorney; the finances; advanced directives and letters. This is not small stuff. It is essential. If it’s not done it will be a great thing to do now.

And always find something beautiful every day to look at, read, and listen to that brings a smile to your heart.

Thank you, as always, for taking your precious time to read this.

 Warm greetings, Trudy

PS You are always welcome to send me a note at trudy@livingwellwithillness.com Please remind me if I have forgotten to do something. I hope you will make suggestions and if you have comments you want to share with the group, I am happy to post them.