TGIW – Thank God it’s Wednesday

I know it sounds corny but the truth is I appreciate every Wednesday:

  1. It is blog day.
  2. My favourite bakery has my favourite bread on this day of the week. (Rye/walnut)
  3. City workers come and pick up our garbage/recycling/compost and yard waste.
  4. I have my 30-minute Gi Gong practice with a favourite teacher.

Already, I am off to a good start.

This week I also got to pick up my new glasses and sunglasses. I hadn’t realized how old my prescription was until I looked in the mirror with my new specs and saw a ton of wrinkles. Yikes. That was a shock. I thought the mirror had developed cracks or some strange thing. But no such luck. For research purposes, I removed my new glasses and put my old ones back on and voila – wrinkles gone. A new marketing strategy for getting rid of wrinkles- wear slightly blurry glasses.

All kidding aside, it has been a fantastic day. I interviewed a colleague for a new podcast launching this fall and thoroughly enjoyed it. At this point, after two guests, it is good enough and will hopefully keep improving. I said yes to the invitation to take this on. And I am glad.

I also discovered a wonderful new book of poetry, but I will wait for a later date to tell you about it. (For poetry lovers who can’t wait, you can always ask me.)

Why bother to mention these things, you ask?

I am of the mind that we improve the quality of our everyday life when we take nothing for granted. Naturally, there are many things that we overlook. Still, when we can improve our attention skills and notice the small, everyday things that go on, the lovely people we meet and the wonder of being alive, it can be transformative.

Here is a tiny practice that delivers big returns. I wrote about this elsewhere and here is an excerpt:

The Art of Living Every Minute of Your Life

As I was thinking about ordinary things in my own life and the many lives of people I know, I recalled a recording I listened to from one of my teachers.  The recording is called The Art of Living Every Minute of Your Life by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen. Lucky me, I got to hear it in 2008, the year I was diagnosed with cancer. Coincidentally, a friend mentioned it to me, who thought I would like it, so I went looking to check it out once again.

There was one section I remembered that stood out for me – three questions. Dr. Remen called it a heart journal and designed it for medical students and doctors as a psychologically sophisticated way to rediscover meaning in their work, a reminder of what they were capable of doing and a sense of gratitude for being here to do it. In truth, it was transformative.  Her books with the humble titles of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings along with her curriculum, The Healer’s Art, are now taught in more than half of all US medical schools and several European schools.  Her devotion, expertise, vision, and generosity have impacted thousands.

Three Questions

Like myself, many have found the three questions a gentle way to end each day and provide ourselves with a new lens to view our lives, even when things are not going according to plan. They go like this:


  1. What surprised me today?
  2. What touched my heart today?
  3. What inspired me today?

You take ten minutes at the end of the day and reflect backward with the first question until you come to “What surprised me?” Write it down and start with the second question: “What touched my heart?” Write it down. Finally, the third question, “What inspired me?” Once you find it, write it down. Close your book and go to sleep.

I found it interesting to begin the reflection for each question during bedtime hours and work back towards the morning. You may want to try it and see what you discover.


1:) One more discovery today – 26-year-old Hayato Sumino, who caused a sensation with his Chopin piano solo. Fresh out of science and engineering, he debuted at the prestigious solo piano competition in Warsaw. You can read about him and listen to his mastery here. Besides his classical piece, you can watch him play 7 levels of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It is great fun to see this massive talent.

2:) Thank you for stopping by. The magnolia trees are blooming, and I am smitten with spring fever. May it be so for you. Warmest wishes, Trudy

PS Thanks to Rob for today’s photos.







3 replies
  1. Pat Scanlan
    Pat Scanlan says:

    Great positive post Trudy. Thank you. And no, I can’t wait, please let me know the name of the poetry book. It is spring here and so lovely to be in the garden. I like those questions and will start a new journal just for the end of the day. It is a good way to end the day.

  2. Karen+Cain
    Karen+Cain says:

    Dear Trudy, What a gift you give with your insightful writing! It seems to be the perfect thing that I need to hear whenever I dip into your blog. You have remained faithful all these years to your grateful readers, I am among them.

  3. Janice+Falls
    Janice+Falls says:

    Of course I simply must hear the name of your new book of poems Trudy 😉 and I thank you for the wisdom of these three questions, any one of which could be an inspiration for a poem in itself. I share your spring fever and am pining for a walk with you soon. xoxox


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