Wholehearted Living Workshops and the Concept of Ikigai

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Launching Soon!

  1. Are you someone recently diagnosed with a serious illness and feel lost in a new country? Please call me first, for a free chat, before you sign up.
  2. Are you currently undergoing treatment for cancer and finding that it dominates your life?
  3. Are you currently struggling  with a different illness?
  4. Are you finished treatments and confused or concerned about what to do next?
  5. Are you a caregiver? This is a challenging role to play on a daily basis.

I want to say this right up front. I have gone through cancer and I have been facilitating workshops for those affected by cancer for many years.  I have imagined what I might do to be helpful to people in other areas of the country who don’t have the chance to participate. This is my first opportunity and I am delighted and a teeny bit nervous. I also know that in my desire to do something, it is me who will benefit the most from this work. If you find something that is useful to you I will be delighted. If you take some action that improves the quality of your everyday life, well, you get the credit. That is how it honestly works.

Trying something new is both scary and exhilarating. This website and the workshops are part of this adventure.  I am particularly curious about my new 52 week workshop, even though it sounds a little crazy, yet, I can hardly wait to roll it out. In truth, the four week workshop is new too. I will be experimenting with audio and video, for that program.

Anyone who signs on for either workshop will be testing the waters, and the introductory prices will reflect your “YES.”  I hope you will be curious enough to dip your foot in the water. And if you don’t think you are getting your money’s worth after one month, well, I will return it to you.

There are three types of Wholehearted Living workshops:

  1.  52 week program – read more on this page
  2.  Four week webinar series – go here for more detail
  3. Onsite speaking events and retreatsI welcome you to contact me to discuss

I hope you will consider my 52-week, brand new program  – Wholehearted Living.   I think that you will find practical help and encouraging words. Lessons will be short and your time respected. It becomes yours. Each lesson is yours to keep. I have participated in a year long workshop and it has been my favourite to date. I think there are many advantages to such a time frame for anyone and especially those dealing with illness.

What makes this work different?

This work is rooted in Japanese Psychology, particularly Morita Therapy and the work of Dr. Jinroh Itami, a Japanese Physician. Dr. Itami’s motto is “even though I am ill, I will not live like a sick person.” This is not about denial, rather it is about not letting illness dominate your life to the exclusion of everything else. It is also about discovering ways to live well every day, while you can, rather than putting your life on hold until some “better” day. Importantly, it is not putting a false positive glaze over the experience. It is with full acknowledgement of the shock,  disruption, financial burden, fear and pain that can accompany a serious illness. And still finding the things that you can do that bring meaning and joy to your daily life. My bias is always towards action because without action, nothing changes.

How Does it Work?

This program comes to you, in your email, once a week, for one year.

ikigai Girl at laptopWhy email?

I don’t want you getting bogged down in the platforms used for delivery.  These lessons will arrive with no fanfare and they come every week. You will be able to start at anytime.

Why a year?

A year seems like a long time, yet it goes by quickly. My purpose is to let as many people as possible have access to this treasure chest of material in a way that is entirely on your own time line. Short weekly deliverables with assignments that fit seamlessly into daily life – 52 of them – to be read when it suits you.  If you aren’t available for a week, or months  you don’t miss a thing. You simply pick up from where you left off and start again.

Why me?

I was in your shoes as a person who had cancer ten years ago.  I have been a caregiver to family members with cancer and heart disease and  I have a wealth of experience working with people going through difficult times. I have studied, practiced and facilitated training’s based on an educational model of Japanese Psychology for over 25 years.

Trudy’s personal and rich experience of life, poetry, and stories of joyful adventures are thoughtfully presented through online blogs, podcasts and links to other powerful thinkers. The weekend retreat she has  facilitated for several years, is a safe and open place for discussion and thought-provoking activities and became a formative and empowering influence in my life and my work at Wellspring.  In the member evaluations of the same program, I have read sincere and life-changing affirmations from participants who live with difficult life situations. Trudy’s generosity of heart, is inspired and thoughtful.  Anna Carnell, Program director, Wellspring Calgary

Ikigai Boats on smooth waterWhat else is included?  

Besides the weekly lesson, there will be 10 monthly webinar’s with me, where we will discuss a specific topic and you will have the chance to ask questions. The webinar lasts one hour but I will always stick around longer. If you can’t make it, it will be available for downloading. There will also be a short monthly podcast on a particular topic.

What Difference Will it Make?

People I have worked with sometimes describe this work as life changing. I think that is both exaggerated and true. Any changes that get made, however, are thanks to you. You choose to do something different. With new information, you may change your perspective on how you see things and take action to do what is most important. You may find long lost talents and interests and revive them. I am confident that you will find new ways of seeing and doing that will reduce unnecessary suffering and enhance the quality of your everyday living. You will most likely increase your joyful moments as you take one step after another.

Ikigai Man painting plein airOver the course of a year here are a few of the topics we will work with:

  • Ikigai – what lifts your spirits; gives you a reason to get up in the morning.
  • A big one – learning how to co-exist with uncertainty, including anxiety and the fear of death.
  • Why and how to become an active agent in your own treatment.
  • Setting short term realistic goals of important things you want to get done and working on them every day.
  • How doing things for others helps you.
  • Developing the skillful means and ways of using your attention.
  • The power of the creative arts and healing.
  • The healing power of humour.

Have questions:

Please email me anytime at trudy@livingwellwithillness.com and I will happily get back to you.


I offer a 100% turnaround guarantee. If, after making your purchase, you change your mind for any reason, simply email me within the first month and I will refund your money. No questions asked.


My introductory price to this new program, includes:

A lesson once a week for 52 weeks and a self-directed assignment for you to do. Start anytime.

One monthly short podcast.

*Ten months of one-hour long webinar’s, where we will discuss a specific topic and you can contribute and ask questions, live. If you miss it, I will send you the download link to the recording.

Note: *There will be no webinars in the months of July and August.

Ikigai Friends enjoying coffee togetherIntroductory Offer: $240.00 Canadian. A registration and payment button will appear here at launch date.

Financial Difficulties: Anyone who is currently living with a small income and  committed to the one year program, can email me. I am always willing to make it possible for anyone to participate.