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Celebrate a Snow Day

“I am going to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life. You just have to decide whether you are a Tigger or an Eeyore.” Randy Pausch


News travels fast.

Schools in Ottawa closed today. Furthurmore, Universities, public buildings, community centres and more, gave notice they will close as well, due to excessive snow and high winds.   Although we get lots of snow in Ottawa, schools don’t close.  Adults and children jumped for joy,  delighted with this extraordinary event. It was a snow day! How will we celebrate?

Of course this same news spells trouble for travellers as one flight after another gets cancelled in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto and planes are diverted to Quebec City.  Yet, the inconvenience and worry of winter travel also creates a wealth of stories with which we can regale our  friends and family, when we finally do meet up.

Since weather is uncontrollable, we may as well find a way to enjoy it and even take advantage of  a “snow day.” A bowl of popcorn and a good book. Snowshoeing down the street. (No cars out and about.) Stirring up a pan of favourite cookies. Calling friends to come celebrate this crazy white stuff.

Or follow the example of this man who lives on Gabriola where they usually don’t get snow. His advice is to sit by the fire; read; listen to an opera; play the piano  and then have a nap. Some people know how to live.

Or, better yet, he says, “drag out your old Austrian schlitten, (sled) hop on and ride down the hill to the snow covered beach.

Now this is a rare and beautiful sight on a gulf Island.

It strikes me that finding joy is oftentimes going to the trouble to create fun. Bundling up and going outside in the elements is not particularly convenient.  And when we feel that winter cold and snow on our face, it can inspire complaint, or something to celebrate. Depends on your point of view.

Yet, whatever point of view you take, we are all soothed and welcomed the moment we step back inside  the comfort of our home.

Kids know what to do.

They fling themselves, with abandon, into a day like this.  Tobogganing; shoveling (yes, a matter of perspective) building snow forts and angels. Adults are well served to find a kid and get lessons on how to have fun in all kinds of weather.

In fact we need to celebrate not just snow but fun in general. As Randy Pausch adds  “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.”

May you all create something fun to do this week and tell me about it. Warmly, Trudy

Note 1:) On September 18, 2007, Carnegie Mellon professor and alumnus Randy Pausch delivered a one-of-a-kind last lecture that made the world stop and pay attention. It became an internet sensation viewed by millions, an international media story, and a best-selling book that has been published in more than 35 languages. If you want to see the Carnegie Mellon Page on Randy click And it all started with Randy »

If you only want to watch The Last Lecture. Here you go. Be forewarned that it is long. One hour and sixteen minutes.

Note 2:)  Photos, thanks to Gottfried M. The irony is not lost on me that I used mostly west coast snow photos.

Note 3:) Thanks as always, for reading this blog.



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  1. Judy Bernstein
    Judy Bernstein says:

    I listened to the Last Lecture when it first came around and was very inspired by it. The challenge for me is to hold on to those wise words and not get sucked back into the daily challenges!

  2. gottfried
    gottfried says:

    So true Trudy, having fun and being the active part of doing it. Getting that Schlitten out of storage, cleaning the cobwebs off it, getting bundled up etc. made me almost give up. But the idea of having that amazing fun experience over ruled. Oh boy, I will remember that moment for a long time, as I zipped down that icy road to the ocean 🙂 yodelling.. 🙂

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Thanks for adding your back and forthing Gottfried. And glad you went with your first thought to get on that sled and coast down to the ocean. Aporeciate your comment.

  3. Helga Beer
    Helga Beer says:

    Having fun, slowing down, being creative, connecting……all ages. After our BIG snow storm in 1996 ( big for the West Coast), there was a baby boom…..exactly nine months later!

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      This is telling Helga. I didn’t know that. There are a variety of ways to have fun. Humour and fun along with togetherness/companionship play a major role in Dr Itami’s caring of his patients. Choosing to do something by yourself can work its magic too. Thanks for this contribution.

  4. Helga Beer
    Helga Beer says:

    Having fun, slowing down, creating, connecting……all ages. After our BIG snowstorm in 1996 ( big for the West Coast) there was a baby boom, exactly nine months after.

  5. Mary Ann
    Mary Ann says:

    It’s good to be reminded of this, Trudy — finding joy, even in the cold snow.
    So many times I’ve looked out at a snowfall and shuddered at the thought of going out there to run an errand or to shovel snow. But once I’m all bundled up (the key is to have clothing warm enough to match the weather, eh?) and out there, almost invariably I enjoy it! A snowfall, even a snowstorm, is “fun” weather!

    Years ago, we had a deep layer of new fluffy snow in our city backyard. And I thoroughly enjoyed making a snow-angel — regardless of what the neighbours might have thought of a then middle-aged woman all alone on her back in the snow, waving her arms and legs.
    That was a long time ago! I look forward to my next snow-angel, and I plan to make one before this season ends. 🙂

    • Trudy
      Trudy says:

      Thank you for your contribution Mary Ann. Funny thing about our resistence. Until we actually do it we have all these notions about how miserable we will be. And then, to our surprise we are enjoying ourselves. I can hardly wait to see a photo of your snow angel. Send it along, if you want to. I love the image of your last one. Enjoy those moments. Thank you.

  6. Eileen (Trudy’s Mom)
    Eileen (Trudy’s Mom) says:

    Snow day brings back memories of my childhood and beyond. When I was a kid we would lash all our sleds together and go coasting on the longest hill in the neighbourhood. It was extra special when we went out after supper and sledded under the moon and the stars. When my kids were quite young they got bundled up and headed out. Soon one of them would come in because they had to pee. Off came the one-piece snowsuit and back on again as they soon bounded out, one more time. So long ago !!!!!

    • T Boyle
      T Boyle says:

      Dear sweet Mom: thank you for this lovely memory. Nothing was ever too much trouble for you, when it came to your daughters. I might add that when we came in, especially at night, I loved that you warmed our pyjamas in the warming oven of the wood stove. Warm pj’s, rosy cheeks and hot chocolate. How could it get any better. Thank you. Xo


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