Entries by T Boyle

What Matters Most

At the end of life, when people look back to see what mattered for them and brought meaning, it’s not about what they bought and what they owned. It’s about what they did to help other people to live and how they related to other people and grew in wisdom.

Blind Spots

With some exceptions,  I believe that people  are doing the best they can, with what they know, in the circumstances in which they find themselves.

In Praise of Moodling Time

So I am on my own mission to resurrect my  moodling time. For years I chose Sunday – the entire day- for the sole purpose of unstructured time. I got to read, bike, photograph, take long walks, write, visit with a friend, read poetry, and play the piano, daydream, and so on. Even though I am no longer the example,  I have the longing and motivation to keep trying.

A Forest Walk

My sweetest of all possible Mother’s, departed this earth on Sunday afternoon, July 26th, on beautiful Gabriola Island. She will be missed and never forgotten.