Entries by T Boyle

Blind Spots

With extreme exceptions, I believe that people are doing the best they can, with what they know, in the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Enjoy Your Life

The truth is, life gives us challenges on a regular basis. We use our wit, skill and all the help we can get to take action on the things we can do something about. But don’t stop there. Use all those skills to find precious moments of surprise and delight waiting outside your door.

Settling for Safety

There is a tendency, as we live longer or have health challenges, to gravitate towards safety. Sadly, what is considered risk free continues to diminish as time goes on.

Three Little Words: I Get To

Nine years ago, I was happily preparing for my last treatment at the Cancer Centre. “Finally, it will be over,” I said to myself. A celebration seemed in order and I was making plans. The week before this auspicious date, however, I was given pause for thought.

You Can Do It

When we face the unexpected and the difficult, we all have resources to “bear it.” As tough as it can be, let’s never forget this important truth.