A Japanese Bowl


or “golden joinery” dates back to the 15th century and  is a method of mending or patching broken ceramics that makes them even more beautiful and valuable than in their original state. I also like to think that it can be a metaphor for our own cracks. Our perfectly imperfect humanness.

These different ways of “seeing” in the Japanese culture touch a deep well of joy in my heart.

Here is a lovely western/eastern blend of the art of kintsugi, featuring Peter Mayer and sent to me by a friend, about this time five years ago.

(Instructions for viewing: when you click on this Utube link it opens the video. When it ends, there is an x on the upper rt hand corner just outside of the video screen. Click that and you are right here.)

Japanese Bowl by Peter Mayer


Note 1:) For anyone struggling with illness who is interested in the online program I am facilitating for the ToDo Institute, look here for furthur information. It begins this Friday and is a four week program.  They accept late registrations.

Note 2:) I have a full plate this November so I am using it to see that I become more skilful with getting enough sleep; my hour walk in nature; and time to have a conversation with a friend. My teaching, writing and grandchildren always rise to the top but I can neglect other important things. So far this month I give myself a C. I aim higher for next week. Not because I should do those things but because I want to. I find it fascinating that out of 24 hours it can be challenging to consistently have a one hour walk.

Note 3:) I was lucky to have had beautiful weather for the last two weeks between Ottawa, Calgary, Gabriola Island and back again. The most beautiful fall I have ever experienced. Thank you for reading this blog and recommending it to others. It is always exciting when I receive notice of a new subscriber. I love your company here. Your kind words are always appreciated. I wish you a beautiful week and hope you do better than me at getting your one hour walk in nature everyday.


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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Well Trudy what a gem this is. After listening, I closed my eyes & thought of all my cracks…It would take a lot of gold to fill them up!! Chuckle, chuckle but it would be worth it!! Keep up the great work. Hugs Mary

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    I have long been fascinated by Kintsugi Trudy and so appreciate the metaphor for our lives. And I agree, the most beautiful fall ever! And how is it that an hour each day to walk is such a challenge!! Still, worth the effort. much love, Janice


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